4VEH Radio

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Why radio?

  • Even with the growth of internet use, radio is still the #1 source of information in Haiti.
  • 4VEH’s 840 AM radio station is a Gospel powerhouse, reaching further than any other station, delivering daily help and eternal hope to communities in rural, isolated areas across the mountains.
  • It’s common for people to tune in to 4VEH as soon as they wake up, and turn off their radios as they go to sleep. Our morning devotional program, and night-time prayer and worship are great ways to start and end the day.
  • With up to 80% of adults unable to read and write well enough for daily life, and 70% of families living without reliable electricity, radio is a very cost-effective way to reach and disciple people in Haiti.


Take a listen to Radio 4VEH, and pray that God will work through these broadcasts, that His Word will not return to Him void.