Coronavirus Emergency Help

Our team has been on the air for days, giving news updates from around the world, interviewing doctors, producing and broadcasting key health messages for radio, television and our online platforms, urging people to pray, not to panic but to take this new virus very seriously. Until this week, most people in Haiti were saying “if coronavirus comes to Haiti”, hoping Haiti would be spared, that the Caribbean heat would keep the virus at bay.

But Thursday night, Haiti’s President announced the first two confirmed cases of COVID-19, declared a state of emergency, no gatherings of more than 10 people, ordered all schools to close, all airports to close. Most people were taken by surprise by the immediate lock-down.

If there was ever a day Haiti’s people need what 4VEH offers, it is today.

Over 70 years, God has positioned 4VEH as a trusted voice to reach, teach and serve Haitians across Haiti, and in places like New York, Florida, in France – for such a time as this. We are not shutting down or suspending daily broadcasting. In fact, we’re doubling our efforts to provide Christ-centered, culturally relevant content to meet today’s reality.

As you pray for God’s help in this global crisis, please pray for us. Join us on Facebook at 4VEH Friends for updates.

Many of us feel powerless right now, but together we can make a difference. When you partner with 4VEH financially, you’re providing a lifeline, sharing life-saving information, being a daily companion for Haiti’s people.

As the coronavirus now hits Haiti hard, Haiti’s people desperately need what 4VEH can deliver, but this crisis response is only possible with your help. Please give your best gift towards our urgent goal of $260,000 to reach millions of people in Haiti and abroad with life-saving information and with the Gospel, saving lives, giving hope.

Please give to our COVID-19 Appeal today. For other giving options, please click here