COVID-19 Crisis: Impact Report

Your prayers and donations bring life-saving help and Gospel hope during COVID-19 crisis

Thank you so much, I was really panicking, but you encouraged me.

“Will Covid come to Haiti, too?” people wondered as they heard news of the coronavirus raging in New York City (where many Haitians live). When Haiti’s first case was announced in March and the country locked down, worried listeners and viewers began asking 4VEH: “I have a fever,  what should I do?” and “Will you pray for me?”

Thanks to your generosity to our Covid-19 emergency appeal, our team continues to share practical help and Gospel hope daily, calming people’s fears and pointing them to Jesus. We can say with confidence: God is our refuge and strength!

It’s hard to know for sure how people have been affected by Covid-19. There’s not much testing and because of stigma, people are often reluctant or can’t afford to see a doctor. Early on, some attacks on people who tested positive and rumors of a different epidemic sweeping through villages made things more complicated …  but praise God, the very worst predictions have not happened! God’s Word has not been locked down. His love has not been quarantined. His people have not been silenced. Your faithful support means our staff are shining God’s light, reaching  people’s homes and hearts with His love.

Lockdown has been lifted but the crisis is not over. Your support will continue our response efforts. Please mark your donation “Covid Response’’, thank you!

I have a fever ... what should I do?

I want to accept Jesus.

How you’ve made a difference in COVID-19 crisis:


   “Wash Your Hands” video watched hundreds of thousands of times

   Interactive prayer programs brought strength and comfort to thousands of people every day

 Solar radios blessed those needing medical care (not covid-specific) and those providing it

   Broadcasting Sunday services helped churches unable to meet in person and without capacity to stream online

   COVID-19 updates from Haiti and around the world

   Press conferences at 4VEH kept public informed


Thank you for your prayers and financial support to reach, teach and serve the people of Haiti with the Gospel, today and every day.