“A light that brightens a world in darkness…”

When does a light shine brightest? In the darkest of nights.

On December 21, countries like Haiti in the northern hemisphere will have the longest, darkest night of the year, yet a rare phenomenon will appear at the same time… a ‘Christmas star’ will be shining brightly in the night sky!

What a wonderful picture of how our God works, shining His light into the darkness that surrounds our hearts!

This is our goal at 4VEH this Christmas and always – to be a beacon of hope, shining God’s light in people’s lives across Haiti and beyond, using the powerful tools of media. Our prayer is God’s light would bless people through our Bible teaching, prayer, worship music, news, health and farming advice, and encouragement from a strong community of local believers.

This year, the coronavirus, political violence, a rise in kidnappings, and shocking changes in exchange rates have brought fear and anxiety for many people in Haiti. In this darkness, we believe the light of the Gospel will only shine more brightly.

Many listeners have already shared how 4VEH has helped them find hope and encouragement. Elianise, pictured above, says:

“When you listen, you find strength. When you get bad ideas in your head, you listen to 4VEH and you’re encouraged to draw closer to God.”


And single mother Maggie, whose husband died recently, says…

“When you feel depressed, when sadness takes over, you connect to 4VEH, and you’ll find comfort for your soul. It’s a light that brightens a world in darkness when all is not well.”

What do you say, friend? Will you join us in shining God’s light across Haiti to people like Maggie who are desperate for hope? Will you help 4VEH remain a beacon of hope among the Haitian people?

Now through December 31, any gift you give will multiply, up to $60,000, thanks to a matching grant from a kind ministry friend! Give your generous, tax-deductible gift today to help reach, teach, and serve the people of Haiti through media. Your gift helps broadcast daily help and eternal hope to homes and hearts across Haiti this Christmas, and every day.

May the light of God’s love shine ever so brightly where you are this Christmas – Jwayè Nwèl!

 Storly and Kate

Rev. Storly & Kate Michel, Radio-TV 4VEH