Equipping Haitians to Respond to Stress

The stresses of everyday life can wear you down, physically, mentally, emotionally, even spiritually, we can find our joy sapped, our worries taking over, affecting our mental and physical health.

Add to ‘normal’ stresses the increased political instability in Haiti over the last year or two, daily news stories of kidnappings, gang violence, blocked roads, schools and businesses closing for days on end. And then the global coronavirus pandemic added even more challenges.

To better equip people, our Family Counseling programs (Repons Pou Pwoblèm Fanmiy Yo, 9:00 – 10:00 am, Saturdays) with Pastor Codo and Dr. Myrlande are focusing several programs on how stress affects health and how Christians can respond. The questions and feedback from listeners and viewers show this teaching is really needed.


Thanks for the great service you’re offering the Haitian people

— Sandro in Cap-Haïtien

This teaching is also helping Haitian nursing student Yventz:

This program about stress is growing my understanding.

— Yventz, nursing student in Canada

This is just one of the ways your prayers and financial support are making a difference in reaching, teaching and serving Haiti’s people with the Gospel.

Please pray for:

  • health education and family counseling programs on 4VEH to make a difference in the health and lives of people across Haiti and beyond
  • greater understanding of the causes of sickness (often believed to be caused by Voodoo spells) and ways to prevent and treat common illnesses
  • wisdom in planning programs to meet the practical needs of Haiti’s people
  • people to meet, love and follow Jesus, our Great Physician, through these broadcasts.