“I was always comforted,” says Chantal

Through your prayers and giving, you’re reaching young men and women like Chantal.

Chantal grew up facing all the usual challenges of life in Haiti—poverty, hunger and lack of education. She sometimes felt overwhelmed by voodoo and spiritual darkness. Her parents’divorce made her feel even more discouraged.

By God’s grace, she listened to 4VEH. The good news she heard on our station changed her life. “4VEH means so much to me,” she says.

“Each time I had a problem, I’d turn on the radio and find a solution. I was always comforted.”

She says that our broadcasts are a great help to young people trying to find their way in these difficult times. “I wake up with 4VEH in the morning. As soon as my eyes are open, my little 4VEH radio is on.”

Today, Chantal is a confident young woman who is happily serving God. The joy of His love shines in her eyes. She is optimistic about her own future and is the type of young person who gives us hope for Haiti. Thank you for investing in the lives of people like Chantal.